Recommended harmonic tuner … for PRO’s’

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Here is the new tuner in town, you’re going to need an Android device, a external mic and pay the 9$ for both upgrades 😉 Sure you got your LinoTune by Pantheon steel but hey!

– do you really want to pay 300 Euro for a tuner app …

Get it from HERE for 9$CAD while it last

What i like about it it’s :

  • You can slow down the strobe tuner so to read the sound corrections needed.
  • The strobe view gives you a gray to white coloring that help judge how load is the 1st, 2nd, … up to 16th harmonics !
  • The orange slider at the base allows you to adjust the sensitivity sound… all the way down and you hear the moskitos 3 feet away or all the way up and you get only the strong harmonic(s).

Tip: With a small ball hammer, gently tap the outer rim of your note field until you find the harmonic that is out of place or to find the hidden sounds you’re looking for… If you stretch or compress that spot then you will increase or decrease the intensity of that axis … make sure to monitor also the other side of your dimple.

BOOM ! Enjoy 😉

Check out Harmonic Tuner’s web site for all the details 😉

UPDATE : when working with this tuner its important to not tune both axis with the sound capture of the fundamental because then what you will be doing is tuning both axis to the same note. … you will be missing the 5th. Instead tune the one axis by blocking the other with fingers or small magnets.  You know you got a good note when the tuner displays the fondamental (1st note) rapidly followed by the 3rd note (5th harmonic)