Recommended adhesive… for Canadians ;-)

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So here is a little tip for new Canadian makers out there on how to get less dissonance and a clear hollow sound from your harmonics, not spend 60$ per tube and wait 3 weeks for it … Zinsser® WATERTITE® Polyurethane Sealant or you have this similar product QUIKRETE® Polyurethane Mortar Joint Sealant (No. 8620-18)

This is an interesting find as it dries in 4h for manipulation then 72h+ for full cure but it could end up being more like 2 weeks… yup ;-(.

UPDATE : there has been more research in the mater of the proper adhesive to use. Polyurethane is by far the best type of material but the dry time is out of this world… Resent test has reveal that you MUST let the instrument alone for 7 days !

How long before you can gently fine tune it ? 2 weeks, but perhaps 5-7 days if you have the best conditions = in a vented room (adding direct ventilation into the GU hole helps a lot to speed the curing process and 50% humidity at 15-18°c.

Also you’re not going to use much out of that big tub. It’s tempting to plug it and re-use it later, right ? Well you must shrink wrap it because the vapours will dissolve and render your adhesive useless.

So glue many handpans at once or budget a tube for each instrument. The shrink wrap will allow re-use within 1 weeks time but it a gamble that the glue will not cure or take 2 weeks to do so !

Ok fellow makers … the good cheap Quikrete sealent is no longuer a good solution – nope. they created this advance poly thing that make is no good… soft and crazy bad drying times with humidity.

So … got an other one !

LePage No More Nails Wet Grab Construction Adhesive

Model # 2073546

Well as all things in life I moved on from the NO nail glue and now use The PL Max, it’s a gray silver tube available in most hardware store. Its has that hard epoxy density but remains flexible just enough to not brake away with time – my new favorite glue of choice for Canadians 😉