More you say … well well …

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So here we are at the start of 2020, fascinating stuff ahead for the vibration on steel communities.

Just wanted to put out there that all these new low quality instrument available from china give people that want to try tuning a unique opportunity to learn on them 😉

Start with wooden hammers of all size. It’s nice to have the head with a bit of weight in them so drill a hole and add a steel bar in there… The wood it by far the best stretching hammer out there.

from the outer edge of the note, stroke toward the center dimple then from the inside of the note stroke the outer edge of the dimple out toward the outer edge of the note. It doesn’t take much but the blows a firm. Try not to dent the steel and if so us the flat part of your hammer to put it back flat … Stretching dints is looking for trouble.

… anyways, have fun 😉