DIY mushroom stand for hanpands

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Check out this new idea that came about while visiting an antique boutique in my neighborhood, just close to my favorite patate place on the main street. Finding a proper handpan stand can be an adventurous and costly affair, the wood adjustable stand are great yes but lack the coolness. Some use drum stand and those work, i guess … the adjustable height basket stand show promises at 249$CAD

but that’s not for all budgets. 

Lets be creative here and explore the mushroom stand – I’m a big fan of the stuff myself – so imaging that upbeat electronic instrumental funk event and add 2-3 of those babies and the vibes are all ready spiriting and no sound was audited …yet !



    • 1 antique lamp cover … the bigger the better
    • 1 dollars store multipurpose tube headband
    • 1 handpan 😉


One of the first thing i noticed playing over this great stand is the fact that the cone shape naturally amplifies the ‘hidden’ harmonics … opening an all new level of loving – enjoy, you seen it here first 😉

P.s.: I notice its easy to slip off the stand so you probably want to add a rubber trim of some sort so it will ‘stick’ in place.